Promoted Help Wanted Posts for Dast City

Job Title: Station Security Detail

Description: In light of the recent issues surrounding the new immigration orders, the Dast Central Station Security Force is looking for reliable locals to help maintain rule and order around the loading bays and arrival sectors. We need the most help during peak hours between 12:00-34:00 as well as during the overnight shifts. Applicants should be fluent in basic as well as dock patois and be willing to undergo self-defence training (which will be paid for). Help us keep our spaceport safe and our planet protected.

Contact: Dill Breen – #6549-44315-35567934

Application Deadline: Ongoing


Job Title: Nanny/Housekeeper

Description: Our household is currently looking for a live-in housekeeper to see after the children while myself and my husband are away on a work related trip. Must be fluent in Basic, but Centrian is a plus. Non-Dast natives need not apply. We have had a series of close calls with attempted break-ins in the last week, so self-defence experience with a small caliber blaster is highly requested. Blaster will be provided and a small demonstration may be required. Will be in charge of care for 3 children (ages 4, 7, and 12) including daily meals, monitoring their lessons, and recreation.

Contact: #4738-57350-47383915

Application Deadline: 6/24



Job Title: Courier

Description: Needed to carry sensitive data from place to place within the city. Must be willing to receive a legal datasafe implant somewhere on their body. The operation will be paid for but is non-negotiable. Must have an in-depth knowledge of both the city and the undercity with no prior criminal charges.

Contact: The Dast Private Police Force – Commander Sieve Carn #6483-42356-639054836

Application Deadline: 6/18


Job Title: Electrician

Description: The Engineering Department is currently looking for electricians to assist with projects and maintenance while union issues are being deliberated. Knowledge of electromagnetic lifts necessary and a passion for cable management is a plus. This is a temporary position estimated to last for the at least two months and while you will not be receiving benefits, you will get your own parking space, and a stipend towards any trips you might take to the satellite cities. A degree is not a necessity, but you should be able to demonstrate competence with previous work experience. Based on competence, there are supervising positions available for those with the capabilities. Obviously, this is not union work, and any contact with the union and its reps is strictly prohibited.

Contact: Come directly to the Dast Station Central Offices and as for the Station Manager

Application Deadline: Ongoing



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