Special Editorial

Attention readers: The following announcement was published without our consent. After editing the finished issue yesterday, we found it added in the next morning. All attempts to rectify the mistake resulted in gaps in our editors’ memories along with blistering headaches.

Goodbye Cluster, we are the Fareen and we are leaving you.

We have completed work on our Center Star Propulsion System and have set our sights on a new Galaxy where we can be free to expand without the ethical dilemmas of needing to wipe out a multitude of Cluster races in the battle for resources.

Our species has existed since many other “advanced” species were but pools of simple life,  living off of instinctual dreams of survival. While you were developing multicellular structures, we were building our first cities. And when you first found evidence of our glory in the stars, we had already achieved evolutionary perfection.

We are the Fareen, and we are many, and we are one.

We have long occupied our small corner of space with dignity, but no longer. Our way of life has ground to a halt due to the energy limitations of the few stars we control. The time has come to migrate and grow.

With a new Galaxy, and new suns, we may further push the boundaries of life and transcend our already miraculous existence.

We will one day return with the power of a million suns and a billion minds, and the Cluster shall know our fury and our love.

Fear not, for our judgment is divine and life in The Collective is free from pain and fear. All shall be equal in the unified mind of The Collective.

Live well, for when we return, you will be made perfect, whether you desire it or not.

-The Collective Council of Minds


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