Recall: Bentina Utility Recalls 64,000,000 Multitoolers After Injuries

Bentina BeltMate Multitoolers recalled by the millions after reports of laser related trauma.

TENTOR – Bentina Utility is involuntarily recalling an estimated 64,000,000 multitoolers after 16,095 reports of faults in the laser level feature, posing various safety threats. There have been upwards of 6,000 reports of blindness, small fires, and temporary to permanent nerve damage.

Last week, the Tentor Consumer Safety Task Force announced the recall of Bentina BeltMate Multitoolers.

The recall includes tools manufactured in the company’s foundry on Dansh from the 1st Galactic Quarter through the 3rd with model number X8F49GH3A etched on the handle.

According to the announcement, affected multitoolers were either purchased preassembled or as printable schematics via the shopping nets Widge and Seevees. Further information can be found at CSTF.cgc//recalls or on Betina’s recall net address.

The Dansh-based company received about 16,000 reports of the laser level being dangerously powerful and reports of injuries from minor to severe. The announcement reads:

“Lasers, when not handled with care, can cause deep and irreversible tissue damage if brought into contact with skin, eyes, or other sensitive membranes. Consumers should cease use of laser levels immediately and contact us to receive credits towards one of our other fantastic laser-based products along with a free instructional guide to laser tool safety.”

If your multitooler meets the recall requirement, contact Bentina through the net at bentina-tools_benti//recall and select Product Recalls in the service section for more information.

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