Dark Markets: A Day in the Life of a Runner

“Well, I can’t give up all of my trade secrets.”

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Promoted Help Wanted Posts for Dast City

Job Title: Station Security Detail Description: In light of the recent issues surrounding the new immigration orders, the Dast Central Station Security Force is looking for reliable locals to help maintain rule and order around the loading bays and arrival sectors. We need the most help during peak hours between 12:00-34:00 as well as during […]

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Special Editorial

We are the Fareen, and we are many, and we are one.

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The Hungry Travelnaut: Bik II

The view from the beach, looking out at the dark side of the planet, was hard to wrap my head around.I spent hours just lost in thought.

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Dark Markets: Bio-Modification

Body modification surgeries have become all the rage in the core planets in the last year or two. Wealthy citizens are outfitting themselves with implanted personal assist chips, payment nodes, and even encrypted data safes, all connected straight into the nervous system. The industry is highly regulated by the Senate, and all implants must be […]

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Recall: Bentina Utility Recalls 64,000,000 Multitoolers After Injuries

Bentina Utility is involuntarily recalling an estimated 64,000,000 multitoolers after 16,095 reports of faults in the laser level feature

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Drug addled AI spell disaster for interstellar corporations

Software teams struggle to roll out AI patches, but the nature of the AI network is such that the bug is always one step ahead of any new software changes.

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